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Coral Reef Keepers
1381 Plank Road Suite 98
Duncansville, Pa 16635

Fax: 814-695-5114

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Thursday and Friday 3 to 7PM
Saturday 12 to 5PM
Sunday 12 to 5PM

All other hours by appointment.


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As the premier marine fish and coral store in West Central Pennsylvania, we have a unique responsibility to provide the best products and information about them.  Our mission is to educate hobbyists on responsible and successful saltwater aquarium reef keeping and to provide products to that end.   We are constantly seeking newer and better methods and products to increase the success of our customers.

We continue to seek the best suppliers of our fish and corals, always looking for suppliers who deliver livestock that is stable and disease-free.  We believe that captive bred saltwater fish, corals, and invertebrates, aquacultured plus maricultured corals, and MAC Certified specimens provide the marine aquarist with the best and most ecologically sustainable products.  We proudly sell many corals   raised by local aquarists from quality stock.  These include candy cane corals, duncan corals, pulsing xenia, frogspawn, hammer corals, and Kenyan tree corals.

We raise our own clown fish, for example, as well as many of the salt water plants we sell including halomeda and chaetomorpha algae.

We seek to educate our customers and employees through a variety of methods including in-store seminars, hand-outs, emails, videos, and other methods.

Coral Reef Keepers is located in Duncansville, Pennsylvania, about midway between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.   Prior to opening in October 2009, store owner John Kauffman started with marine systems when he was only 8 and has been active in the animal industry most of his adult life. Please see the side bar for more information. We encourage you to learn more about us and to urge you to contact us if you have any questions.

Current store hours are Thursdays and  Fridays, 3 to 7; Saturdays and Sundays, 12 to 5.  We also welcome guests during other times by appointment.

Coral Reef Keepers will trade store credit for hobbyist tank breed fish and invertebrates; and tank grown/cultured corals. provided the quality of the specimens meets store standards.  For more information Contact Us. Or for a quote on store credit, send a picture to

Coral Reef Keepers offers the following products: * large, small, glass, acrylic and nano aquariums * discount equipment and supplies * discount saltwater fish, invertebrates and live corals

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