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New Marine Plants in Stock! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 19:05

New Plants!


caulerpa pass




A highly varVCaulerpa Paspaloides ( feathery caulerpa) variable species of Caulerpa that is native to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.  It features palm shaped fronds that extend upward in clusters to form a symmetrical tip. Fast growing and very hardy in the marine aquarium. This particular species does not often pollute the aquarium as other Caulerpa do, which makes it a valuable addition for nutrient control.






cymopolia barbata      Cymopolia Barbata is an interesting and truly unique species of green calcareous algae. This particular algae features heavily calcified segmented stems that grow into long cylinders, topped by fuzzy green tops. The filaments resemble flowers and have a bright green glow under aquarium lighting. Native to fairly shallow near shore environments attached to rocks and coral fragments.


caulerpa cupressoides      Caulerpa Cupressoides -this interesting species of Caulerpa features long, stiff uprights with finger-like clusters of notched blades. It is typically found growing in sea grass beds or shallow water habitats to about 10 ft. This algae prefers sandy substrate, but will attach to rocks and coral fragments.This particular species is not as invasive as others and makes a good addition to a mixed reef aquarium.




Assorted Halimeda includes – Mermaids's fan, Shaving Brush and Pine Cone.


Halimeda opuntia      Halimeda Opuntia - A unique form of calcareous algae that features tight, segmented discs, found attached to rocks, sandy bottom and other algae. This particular species does not possess a rhizome as other species of Halimeda, but is an encrusting variety that spreads both laterally and horizontally. These are hardy specimens collected from the Caribbean, that do very well in tanks with high calcium levels such as reef aquaria.


Corraline Cluster – Great for seeding tanks. Do well in reef tanks with good calcium levels.


caulerpa prolifera     Caulerpa Prolifera -A distinctive dark-green, flat bladed algae that resembles turtle grass. The blade often proliferates to extend upward forming a new blade hence it's name. A hardy algae that once established grows very well in the aquarium. Prefers sandy bottoms and ledges in shallow turbulent water.


      galaxauraGalaxaura Sp. - A beautiful branching red macro algae that features rigid, cylindrical branches with distinctive white tips. This species is somewhat rare as they only grow in isolated colonies in shallow moderately turbulent waters.



heterogibbes     Heterosiphonia Gibessii - A unique species of red macroalgae that features delicate branches that host numerous puffy branchlets. The coloration varies from bright pink to pale red. This species is sometimes known as cotton candy algae and is a very attractive addition to the aquarium. 













Codium Sp. on Sale PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 06 March 2012 16:46

codium Codium Sp.- Slow Growing, irregular branches that can form a semi-dense clump. Prefers cooler water but does well with lower light.   $16.99

Halimeda Algae PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 February 2012 00:33

small halimeda plantAlways in stock and always at a special price!

$7.99 and up


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